Spring 2016

Our fall semester is coming to a close and we are accepting registrations for the spring in all locations! Call now to find out more information to register for classes!

Join MSID for Spring 2016!

New Orleans Spring Semester will run January through May and Virginia Spring Semester will run February through May. We accept students of all levels, ages 3 through Adult, at any point during the semester. Please click the links below to access our schedules, beginner packet (found in beginner section further down page), and registration form to learn more information.


Click here for the New Orleans Spring Registration Contract

Click here for the Virginia Spring Registration Contract


Click here for the New Orleans Spring Schedule

Click here for the Fredericksburg and Richmond, Virginia Spring Schedule


Click Here for 2015-2016 MSID Beginner Packet

Beginner Classes FAQs

What are my options? What classes should I register for?

Here are some of our most popular options for beginner dancers:

Option 1: one class per week

-All dancers start off with one class per week. This class is where they will get the basics in form and also their steps. 

Option 2: Two regular solo classes per week 

-This option is recommended for beginner dancers who want more time learning steps and additional time on basics, especially in hard shoe dances. We recommend this option for dancers who are interested in competition and/or dancers who are looking to progress into the next level within the year. (i.e. Beginner I into beginner II)

What are my options? What classes should I register for?

Option 3:  1 solo class and 1 figures class

-This option is recommended for Advanced beginner dancers (recommended 6 years old or older) interested in taking an additional class for  time working on technique and learning team dances. Drill & figures class concentrates on building basic skills and dancers learn the team dances (i.e. 2 and 3-hands, 4 & 8-hands, and choreography (8+ dancers) 

Option 4: one regular class per week & TRICOLOR performance team

-This option is recommended for beginner dancers who are interested in doing performances. Dancers learn stage presence, performance techniques and routines using the steps they learn in regular classes.  *TriColor class is required for certain formal performances.

…and more! Muggivan School can cater to any and all preferences for your family! Please contact us with further questions!